Skating for Hope is entering its 5th year, but people still might have questions.  Below are a few of the common ones.  Please send along any other questions you may have!
  • "So, how are you doing this 24 hour thing?  You're not doing it all at once, right?"
               Yes we are! Well, actually, yes HE is.  Dave McGrath will really, truly, be on the ice, skating in one way or another, for the full, continuous, 24 hours.  The only exceptions will be the occasional bathroom break and the brief shift-changes during the hockey games.  We even plan to feed him on-ice, if only for our own entertainment.
     Dave, of course, welcomes anyone and everyone who wants to meet the 24hr challenge with him!  (We'd let you off for the bathroom and meals, too!)
  • "How does Skating for Hope really work?"
                 We'd love to see skaters team up and fund-raise collectively, come out to the arena collectively, and help get a steady flow of skaters throughout the event.  Building a team is certainly not a requirement for participating.  We're brewing up a special prize for our top collector, so get to work!

     For a team, pick a name and sign up.  Tell everyone you know and start raising money!  Let us know about your team (names, how many you are, etc.) in the comment section.      
     For individuals, sign up in the very same way, but with your own name.  Get the word out to your friends, family, neighbors, random people at the laundromat, and have them donate money through your page!
  • "Does it cost money to participate?"
            It's free admission, but we are asking a minimum of a $10 donation to skate, and $25 for hockey players. That gets you into the arena and able to skate as long as you want!  You can pay at the door or in advance, by signing up to be a skater.
  • "Do you accept credit cards?"
          You can donate money with a credit card online, any time.  But it will be cash-only at the door and for any purchases (raffle tickets, food, etc.) at the event.
  • "Can I rent skates?"
           We will have skates to rent at the event! 
  • "Do I need a helmet?"
           Only those skaters playing hockey will be required to wear a helmet.  For general skaters, helmets are a personal choice.